Dec 10, 2009

A little more holiday cheer....

Ya know those moments around the holidays when you mentally go through your holiday crafting to do list, then you mentally tally they amount of days until the packages must be in the mail, then you realize that even though you have scaled way back on "hand made christmas" your days to projects ratio seems impossible?  Then you start looking at your list and thinking things like... "my sisters' husbands don't really care if they get anything from me, I can scratch them off..."   or  "those first ones I made as a trial run aren't really that ugly.  I bet the younger boys might even like those color combinations..."   Don't you just love those holiday moments?  I know I am not the only one out there that goes through this.  Every year.  No matter how prepared I am.  Like a crazy laboratory mouse repeatedly shocking my nose year after year.   For the sake of keeping myself off the computer at this late hour and back to creating gifts like an assembly line worker...  Here is more of my holiday home!  Enjoy!

My table top faux tree.  I use it to pacify myself while I wait until I can put up a huge fresh tree.  My goal is to have it soo full of vintage ornaments that you can't tell that it only cost $9 eight years ago! 

The place that we like to get our tree has the trimmings laying round.  I think they are so pretty. 

This is just a little candle holder that I find ridiculously cute.  That's all. 

One of the many carousals that my daughter has in her growing collection 

One of a set of two candle holders.  They, like a large percent of my christmas collection belonged to my mother.  The trees remind me of home, in Washington. 

Some see a tree ornament, I see an opportunity to group more santas! 

Seriously hands down one of my favorite santas.  Made by an artist in Temecula, CA that I found in a little shop there.  Man oh man I love this strange little santa head... 

A craft that Ava and I worked on a few years ago.  The blue glitter glue was rancid.  That is a smell you just can not forget.

Back to the grind...

Have a great weekend every one!  Hopefully by Monday I will be mostly done.....  partly?
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