Nov 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Here's the basic run down of our super fun Halloween.

Matt stayed home to enjoy the day with us, and we went out to lunch at my new favorite Italian place in Berkeley.

When we got home we played with dry ice, while Matt prepared our pizzas for dinner.

My babies got dressed in their costumes, and had a blast trick-or-treating through our neighborhood.  Sol would yell out, "thank you, I love you!" to everyone who gave him candy.

Halloween 2012 has been a fantastic success.  I'm looking forward to next year already!

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auntie Rachael said...

Amanda it really looks like you all had a great timme this year The leaves on the trees are almost as beautiful as my neice and nephews. The kids r so big! Thank you for sharing. Auntie loves you all!

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