Nov 2, 2012

Oh Sweet Ninja Goodness.

4 months ago in June we found our Halloween costumes.  It's not unusual for my family to have our costumes figured out really early.  After we buy our costumes, I put them up until the big day.  After the 31st, they add their precious costumes into their everyday play.  On that special day in June, I asked Cyrus if he would like to try on his outfit before I put it away.  What followed was something that I both never expected, and something that I have wanted to share publicly for months, but had to wait so not to spoil any surprises.

Cyrus not only slipped on his ninja costume, he slipped into a ninja character.  He spent close to a half an hour coming up with new poses.  Neither of us spoke during his fashion shoot.  All of these photos are 100% Cyrus's idea.  Oh I love these photos so very much.

Things started out pretty much how I thought they would.  Him standing very still and straight.
Suddenly he started posing.
I started to notice that his smile was slipping, as he adapted a warrior's demeanor.
 Suddenly he was playful again, throwing his sword in the air.
I have absolutely no idea where he learned these poses, or what inspired him.  I just know that my sweet 5 year old with a face full of jam, gave me the best photo shoot of his little life.  And I love him.


Phyllis said...

That was pretty magical. Thanks for sharing it with us. That is a wonderful costume.

Grandma Sally said...

Oh, Cyrus. I loved your Ninja costume. You, Ava, and Sol were awesome!

Betsy said...

That's great!!! I love his serious poses

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