Oct 29, 2012

Gratitude Monday

Some Things That I'm Loving Today...

~My super ridiculous children and their jack-o-lantern designs.  Love them.

~A little girl who almost carved a pumpkin with a pumpkin image, then in the end went with "silly smile, moon nose guy"

~A boy who designed his pumpkin to have "spooky teeth that want to eat you" .  I love that his skull has ears, and an elaborate design.  I think he may be picturing sugar skulls.  And that's adorable.

~A partner who can make the weekend magical for your babies, even when your sick

~Living near a Waldorf School, and going to the great festivals

~Finding this year's perfect pumpkin patch

~Pumpkin waffles, with fresh whipped cream and maple syrup

~Watching Netflix on my tablet in bed.  (if your sick in bed, this is pretty amazing)

~A baby who tells stories.  And you can almost understand all of it!

Alright.  Here's to a new week.  And a lot a lot of laundry!

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