Oct 22, 2012

Gratitidue Mondays

Here are somethings that I love today:

~ My phone changed my current town name into "Eek Adorable" during a text

~A forecast of almost a week of rain

~Planning fall dinners (lunches, and tea)

~The late night serenade of my local, unidentified,  hooting owl

~Holiday crafting.  I'm super in the spirit right now.

~Watching silly tv on my computer while I embroider.

~Cats in their winter coats

~A baby who loves his new use of pronouns

~A boy who is magical wizard, and uses his magic frequently

~A girl who is as excited about the holidays as I am.

~A partner who goes on 20 mile bike rides in the morning.  (what?)

Here's to a new week.  I've got three sick little ones, so let's see how we do.  We've got tea, and each other.  I'm sure we'll do great.

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