Oct 30, 2012

Wanderers Way

Recently we took our family to the East Bay Waldorf School for their annual Wanderer's Way event.  It was magical.  We left our house after dark, something that Cyrus was sure he's never done before.  With our pumpkin tea in our travel cups, and our babies dressed in their Halloween best, we were ready.  
The school grounds are nestled into the top of a hill surrounded by forests.  The Wanderers Way event is a night time walk, guided by an angel we were lead on a path lit by jack o lanterns and luminaries. This is essentially the Waldorf alternative to a scary Halloween event.  We traveled in small groups and stoped at special vignettes to watch a play unfold.  The stories were each a different blend of magic, music, dance, mystery, and comedy.  At the end of each story the children received a special token, a small treasure to take on their way.  
One of the things that the Waldorf tradition excels at (in my opinion) is story telling.   Each little play absolutely captivated their audience.  It was a fantastic evening, one I'm looking forward to repeating again next year.


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