Jul 24, 2012

Wet Felting Bees...

Recently, inspired to work with wool, my children and I set out to make a bee hive, and a family of bees.  We worked over several days, and my babies love their results.  

Day One:
Working with the wool that we dyed yellow years ago, we made little bee bodies.

Day Two:
Using more of the yellow, and adding white, and orange, we wrapped a "hive" around large softballs.  We wet felted those down, nice and tight.

Day Three:
Bee finishing day!   This step involved needle felting.  This was a VERY big deal in our house.  This day marked the first time any of my children have ever needle felted anything.  They were thrilled.  Thrilled.

 And later:
Our hives are kept on our nature table when not in play, are still loved, if not a little worse for wear, and used often.

And I love, as they do, that they made this all on their own.  Handmade toys are nothing new in our home, but handmade by them, and for them, that's something extra special.

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