Jul 10, 2012


 In the next few weeks we will have celebrated summer, had a break from school, and prepared for a new school year.  This year we are going to try a schedule that resembles and all year round philosophy.   I'm interested to see how it works for us.  We'll have four weeks off in July and again in December, then have one and two week breaks sprinkled through out the term.  Right now I'm gathering and preparing to start our new year with an official Kindergartener and a new Second Grader.  I ordered all the curriculum months and months ago.  (I'm a planner) Now I'm just fine tuning our system.   I am trying some new ways of organizing our files,gathering our supplies, and finding items around our home that will bring life and beauty into their year.   I love this part.

It's going to be another splendid year, I can just tell!

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