Jul 19, 2012


My relationship with Matt demonstrated in numbers~
Two Thousand Twelve  
means that Matt and have now celebrated
 years of friendship
years of partnership, and as of today
years of marriage with
children to share our family with.

I'm so crazy in love with this silly, generous, kind, funny, clever man.


Christine said...

Happy Anniversary to the two people who seriously must have been together in all past lives. You both are amazing! Cheers to many more milleniums together!

Rachael said...

Well obviously I have known Matt my entire life (he is my brother) but Amanda I truely have a hard time remembering a time when you have not been a part of our life! Well breaking it down with munbers produces the reason why! Wow! WHat an accomplishment! I have to agree with Christine...you were designed for eachother! I love you!

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