Jul 4, 2012

Rodeo Beach

 30 miles from our house we found another bay area treasure.  Rodeo Lagoon, and Rodeo Beach.  Two separate bodies of water that join in the winter for a few weeks, only to reform into their individual forms by spring.  I'll have to mark our calender to visit next February, hopefully then we'll see them joined.
 Recently we brought our family to Rodeo Beach in Marin, CA.  It's my new favorite place.  I know I keep saying that.  But seriously.  I love this place.  A description on wikipedia says "... Rodeo Beach is known for its dark, pebbly sand, its uses for surfing and sunbathing, and its locale as a place for collecting semi-precious stones. This beach is unique among California beaches in that it is largely made up of coarse, pebbly chert grains, both red and green in color. Its mineral composition sets it apart from every other beach in the state.."  A beach unlike any other in California?  A place for collecting semi precious stones?  Yes please.
This sand is fantastic.  The pebbles are soft and shiny, polished from the sand.  The sound of the waves crashing in is thunderous, and as the waves recede you here the tinkling of the pebbles.  It reminds me of our big rain stick.

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Anonymous said...

Oh those pebbles! Amazing!

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