Sep 29, 2011

Dinosaur Museum...

This week (and lately, in general) we've been talking a lot about dinosaurs.  They are a relatively new topic in our home, and a new obsession for Cyrus.  It was a delightful surprise when I received my invitation to our very own Dinosaur Museum!

I was greeted at the entrance by a life like model Tyrannosaurus Rex.   Very Scary indeed.
(immediately after photographing the frightening beast, the T-Rex followed me through out my visit, and turned into a "Dino-T-Rex-Robot")
I was instructed that Dinosaurs once ruled the earth, and their remains are said to be found all over.
Dinosaurs were very tall, as demonstrated by the impressive height of this little guy.
A replica  dinosaur bone was available to touch and feel.  This was a "club bone" that would have been found in the tail of the Ankylosaurus.
It was explained with diagrams that some fossils are found at "nest sights", places that you might find dinosaur eggs.
Dinosaurs lived a very looong time ago.  A handy chart helped to illustrate the length of the different eras.
 Dinosaurs had very tough skin.  A model snake was provided for a chance to see what a dinosaur might feel like.
As a very special treat the museum had on display the extremely rare Dinosaur Tower!
(yes that is a tiger in the middle.  Why do you ask?)

My trip through the Dinosaur Museum reminded me of a few things...
~Homeshcool rocks.  
~My children are awesome.
~I really really need to get them to the Natural History Museum, they would LOVE it.


Betsy said...

That picture does not look like him at all

cmp said...

I love this!

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