Aug 24, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday...

I've never written a WIP post before.  (Full disclosure: after years of reading blogs it was only recently that I found out that WIP stood for work in progress.  I always assumed it was a knitting or crocheting term.)  I started working on these color tiles after being inspired here, here, here, and here I knew that I really really wanted to make a set for my family.  They are so pretty!

I started with some paint stirring sticks.  I used the larger kind used for stirring buckets.  I had my mother in law chop them up for me with her table saw.  She's excellent that way!
I sanded the edges to give the wood a softer feel.
For our color box I want Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.  Seven shades of each color.  I went through the paint department at home depot and found colors that were a cohesive group.  I took two sets of each paint chip. I used wide paint chip strips (Behr brand) and chopped off the names and numbers, leaving enough width to cover the wood.  One set I'll leave together, and they will eventually become the control strip for checking work.
 The other set I chopped into size.
I used watered down wood glue and a paint brush to adhere the paint chip to the wood.

 I have a few strips almost done, and I am really excited by the results.

So between this project, and reading yet another book series... Um... what was that I was just saying yesterday about having SO MUCH to do?  riiiiight.  I'll get on that.


Anonymous said...

I think what stood out in this post for me is the fact that your mother in law (which would be my Auntie!) has a table saw! I always liked her :) But those blocks are so fun and sweet! Great idea! Loves-Steph

leaner said...

Those are pretty neat, but what do you do with them?

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