Aug 25, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about permanence lately.  Which things endure, which things fade. The power of change.  The nature of still.  Nothing lasts for ever.  This too will pass.  And yet, that's not really true is it?  I'll always be their mother.  That's something.  It may not be profound, it probably wont mean much to anyone else.  Somethings never change.  The tides roll in and roll out.  The world turns.  The sun shines, and sets.  People live, love, and die.  There is loss and gain.  There is balance and imbalance.  There is unendurable pain, and there is extreme ecstasy.   There's always more to learn.  There's always something best to forget.  Growth.  And I will always be their mother.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, you have a gift with words. This brought tears to my eyes as well as choked me up, but not from sadness; joy, hope & yearning. Yes, we'll always be their mothers. Love you-Steph

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