Aug 22, 2011

Gratitude Mondays...

Here's what I am loving today...

~First family vacation...
(not including trips with parents, siblings, or friends)

~Coming home to my own sheets.
(hands down, this is paramount to my comfort)

~A baby who chokes on the amounts of sand he insists on eating.
(little sandy mouths and faces are an adorable side effect)

~A little girl who builds beautiful cities in the sand...
(and learned to let go of them at the end of the day)

~A little boy who learned to love the big waves...
(even if on the last days)

~A partner who takes us on dream family vacations...
(worth the wait, worth the savings.)

~One Thousand Three Hundred and Two photos of our first family vacation..
(not counting cell phones.)

Here's to a new week.  
And a week of me trying to sort through thousands of vacation photos!!!

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