Aug 3, 2011


Recently I was treated to a Magic Show!

The stage was set...
No peaking...
And I mean, no peaking was allowed...  We (the audience) all tried at least once.
After much anticipation it was time for the show to begin...
 "watch as we reveal the hidden secrets of this plain peanut!"
"Now you see it...."   (whispering)  "close your eyes"....
"Now you don't!  Open your eyes now!!"
"where did it go?!?"

"what could be under this cloth?  Is it one flag?"

"NO!  It's two flags!!!"
(All of Cyrus's tricks involved us closing our eyes until the trick was completely finished... )

Bravo!  My darlings, take a bow!

It was an excellent show indeed.


betsy said...

Best magic show ever!!

mrana said...

The Amazing Cyrus and Ava!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful show! Steph

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