Mar 23, 2010

Spring in my blog....

Welcome to Spring!  We have a few more weeks of kind weather here, then we head straight to HOT.  I thought that today, in honor of Spring, I would make a few changes to my blog.  Time for new pictures, and poetry.  I also decided it was time for a blogroll overhaul.  I took away a few, and added many.   I am excited to see how these blogs inspire and work in my life.

I updated my library thing, even though we have so few books this cycle.  With all of the traveling I thought we should keep things simple.  I am looking forward to our next trip, and searching for wonderful Spring inspired stories.  Any suggestions?

A few weeks ago I added the tabs up top.  They are there as a way for me to keep track of a few lists I am working on.  My BIIIG list, and  books read in 2010 can be found there.  Terribly interesting to the general population?  Nope.  Convenient for me?  Yep!

Spring is sure to be an interesting season for my family.  I'll finish up my second and (almost?) all of my third trimester before Spring officially leaves us for Summer.  Lots of parties in the coming weeks.  This is a big week for my little man.  Tomorrow we are celebrating his "Orange Party".  A party to honor his no longer nursing.  He stopped a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure he was done done before we had a party.   Saturday we will officially celebrate his third birthday.  Holy Cow.  My baby is three.   Does that shock and awe ever wane?  I can't imagine a time that I am not completely impressed, and slightly shocked at how fast my babies grow.  They just keep growing.

Look at tomorrows post for a tribute to one of my little man's favorite things in life.
Happy Spring to all of us!

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