Mar 3, 2010

How to make Mud Babies....

The other morning as I was going about my day I heard loud giggling.  The kind of giggle that makes a novice mother smile, and a seasoned mother stop what she is doing and head toward the sounds.  My babies were found out in our backyard enjoying the results of spring rain.  Mud.  Like any reasonably responsible mother would, I grabbed my camera and quietly took pictures making sure not to interrupt their game.

After they were all through with fun we had more fun (at least I did) hosing them off.  Was it absolutely necessary that I post 14 pictures?  Yes, yes I think so.  I have several more on file, but I think these 14 illustrate my point just fine.

Making Mud Babies.  A simple example of 'don't sweat the small stuff'.


betsy said...

I love muddy babies!!

Earth Mama said...

I love this post! my brothers and I used to do this and I am sitting here filled with very happy, fond memories:-)

Lovely blog!!!

Sarah Slaven said...

oh what beutiful photo's thats what childhood is all about.

April said...

These pictures are priceless. And yes, yes I think they were necessary.

Redbeet Mama said...

My jaw kept dropping - and a big smile approached and then huge laughter came out of my mouth!

I promise to "let go" and let me little ones become mud babies!

maybe my favorite post of all times!


5orangepotatoes said...

I love every single pic!!!! Fauna would be there in the middle of it all! Way to go mama for not stopping the fun and letting them enjoy.


Transit Antenna Home said...

Love it!

Kelly said...

This is just the best! Really love it!

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