Mar 25, 2010

Orange Party

Last night we had our Orange Party for Cyrus.  He no longer nurses, and he only wears a diaper to bed at night.  These are big deals.  Momentous landmarks of a growing child, moving from toddler to preschooler.  We had a similar party for Ava when she was ready.  (Ava chose purple for her theme.)  Both grandmothers came to our house to celebrate and enjoy dinner.

On the menu...


~whole wheat goldfish crackers
~'healthier' cheetos
~orange soda
~orange roughy fish tacos with
    ~orange bell peppers,
    ~fresh made mango salsa
    ~ fresh pico de gallo
~vegetarian re-fried beans and sour cream
~large salad with a roasted red pepper salad dressing
~carrot cake cup cakes!
(notice that my mother stayed on theme and added orange hair.  love it.)

We had a truly great time!  The grandma's were loved, my babies laughed and played, Cyrus was celebrated.

Cyrus recieved a few gifts to commemorate his Orange Party.  He enjoyed opening a few orange theme gifts, and was absolutely surprised to find an orange gold fish swimming as our center piece for dinner!   He has wanted a pet to love and care for ever since the day we brought Fiona home for Ava.  I figured that a party to celebrate his big achievements was an appropriate time to start him on the path of loving a pet of his own.   (side note, I know that three is by no way old enough to really care for a fish.  I don't mind being the guardian for this little guy) Cyrus fell instantly in love.  He spent the dinner chatting with his fish in fish voice (something very high pitched) and let us know how the fish was responding.  The fish loves Cyrus very much, and is very happy. This fish is neither a boy, nor a girl, and its name is Gold Fish.   So there you have it.

 The pace of his journey is set by his own needs.  I couldn't be more please to be his mother.   Our evening was simple, small scale, joyous and just right.  Congratulations Cyrus, you keep growing, and we keep loving you.

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leaner said...

Congrats to you all. He has grown into such a lovely young boy/man. I adore getting to know him.

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