Jun 14, 2011


A little over one year ago today I wrote this post here.  
This year so much has changed. 

~Those kittens that I spoke of were born 2 days later.
~That little boy with the curly locks now sports a fresh look with short hair.
~That little girl has grown into a real ballerina, and will have her first recital in just a few days.

~That big round belly of mine gave birth to a baby just 12 days later, and now he walks about laughing, and babbling.

And like so many parts of our lives we find ourselves cycling back to where we were.

~The apples are larger than last year, but not ready yet.

~The grapes are full and sweet, but not quite sweet enough.

But we know from experience that they will be.

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me said...

And a sister who moved so close....

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