Jun 17, 2011

End of year wrap up... The very first end...

We celebrated our official last day of school today!  Whoo Hoo!  We took photos, drew pictures and talked about what she's accomplished in just one year.   Oh my goodness, she has grown so much.

Ava 8.30.10  (our first day of school)
Ava 6.16.11 (our last day of school)

 I know I talk (A LOT) about how much I love homeschooling, but I really can't express how wonderful it has been to have my daughter home with us this year.  To watch her learn to read, count by 2s (and 5s and 10s and odds, and evens), to learn to tell time, and to write and spell.  The experiences that I was able to share with her (art, baking, science,) in our kitchen can not be measured.  I am so very grateful that we took this path. 

It has been with out question a fantastic year.  I look forward to everything that I have planned (for my blog, and my life) over the summer before we start our second year of homeshool in the early fall.  Thank you all, for sharing this journey with us!

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mrana said...

You did a great job this year with your homeschooling. I love you.

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