May 15, 2012

When little things are Big

We have lots of beautiful flowers growing in the front and back yard of our home.  For this I thank the previous tenants, and the gardener.  I don't have any experience with bay area 'seasons'.  I'm not sure what to expect, or even when I should expect things to change.  Learning the rhythm of this new place is something I'm very excited about.  For today we have flowers, and flowers, and flowers.  We Love It.
One of our first nights here I gave my two bigger kids a little brown bottle to place in the window sill of their bedrooms.   A little arrangement to build as they please.

 It's a small thing.  It's such a big thing.

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Auntie Rachael said...

Beautiful Flowers! How exciting it will be to learn and explore all the weather has to offer there!!!

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