May 14, 2012

Gratitude Monday...

It's been one month since I last checked in.  
We are now 
settled into our home in the 
San Fransisco Bay area.  
I am so very very grateful.  
Here's a little bit of what have have to celebrate.

~We are 21 miles from The Wharf

~ We are less than 50 miles from Half Moon Bay

~ We are about a mile away from the San Pablo Reservoir

~We have calla lilies, roses, jasmine, lavender and lemon trees in our yard that make my whole house smell like spring time in a botanical garden

~Fresh seafood

~Flying kites

 ~Wildflowers like Crazy.  They are in every color, and in every spare place of land.

~Snails, earthworms, and slugs.  (seriously, my kids are THRILLED)

~Seashells, and a new growing collection of sea glass

~She finally has her own room

~My children are in my backyard picking strawberries right now.

 What more could I ask for?

I'm going to try to get back to this blog regularly.  
Here's to a brand new week full of possibilities.


Gramma Sue said...

Wonderful! Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...


Auntie Rachael said...

Everything is exactly how it should be! I can see this by how happy the kids look! How wonderful that your area is truly one exploration after another! Can't wait for the next posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your, Amanda you guys are so blessed! What a beautiful area! And Ava having her own room is SUCH a special thing, it really is. California coast is really lovely, but especially the more northern parts. Let me know when you hit Napa/Sonoma areas...Love to all.
Love Steph

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