Mar 10, 2013

Three letter words

Cyrus and I have been having a lot of fun coming up with new ways to put three letter words together.   These two different activities work to build phonics and reading skills with out feeling like anything more than playing a game.  A game that we made together.

We first made a set of three letter word picture cards using images from the internet.  He chooses a vowel sound set, lays out the images, then puts the letters to build the word underneath.
a sound words: ham, dad, hat, fan, cat, bat, pan, bag
e sound words:  jet, hen, ten, pen, web, net, egg, bed
i sound words: pig, ink, lid, tin, pin, six, dig, bib
o sound words: cot, fox, box, log, mop, pot, dog, top
u sound words: sun, cub, mug, bun, jug, rug, nut, tub

With the same three letter word idea in mind we made these letter blocks.  Roll the dice, and place them in order (order of the rainbow) to build new words, or sound out the nonsense word.

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