Jan 1, 2013


Happy New Year!

So.  I've been obviously absent for the last few (5-6ish) weeks.  It wasn't planned, and I kept meaning to come back, and then... well, I didn't.  I hardly even took pictures this last two months.  To put things into perspective you can look at the numbers.  I take a lot of pictures.  I average around 1300 a month, with sometime highs soaring to the two and three thousand range.  In November I took a little over 400, and in December I took just over 300.  I plan on spending the next week playing a bit of catch up.  I have a few past homeschooling wrap ups that I'd like to put together, and a little glimpse of our holidays.

And while I've been gone, my family has been fantastic.  We had a wonderful, special, magical holiday break.  I'm looking forward to catching up on all of the blogs that I've been missing!

Many blessings on our New Year!

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Phyllis said...

I have had the same thing...I am not sure why. I was just thinking about you guys yesterday, thinking that I hadn't see something from you in awhile. Just letting you know you are missed.

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