Mar 12, 2014

34 things to Know and Love about my sister on her 34th birthday

1. Shiny Shiny Teeth

2. Bright blue eyes

3. Tall (-er than me)

4.  Super Strong

5.  Very Funny

6.  Watches horrible tv shows

7.  Loves to sing (often the wrong lyrics)

8.  Hates conflict

9.  Remembers everyone's birthday

10. Gets adorably irritated

11.  Doesn't like her grammar corrected

12. Fast Runner

13.  Gives great advice

14.  Excellent public eavesdropping skills

15.  Not super awesome speller

16.  Loving mother

17.  Sometimes obsesses about high heels

18.  Owns an enviable collection of pretty camies  and pajama pants

19.  Loathes clutter

20.  Compassionate

21.  Cares about other people's well being

22.  Has lived in a lot of states

23.  Loves happy things

24.  Cherishes her family

25.  An expert in Gum. 

26.  Excellent video game skills (compared to me)

27.  Talks to me every day  (sometimes several times a day)

28.  Hopeless Romantic

29.  Big believer in bleach

30.  Scented candles

31.  Fights hard for her kids

32.  Has fantastic big ideas

33.  No fake strawberry!

34.  She's my person.

Happy birthday Betsy, I love you!


Elizabeth Key said...

Awe you mad me cry in the doctors office. Also Emmersyn said "oh YES" to a lot of them!! I love you

wabisabiwife said...

Very very sweet.

Fork Daddy said...

She is an amazing friend and teacher as well. So loving and understanding. ALWAYS there for you. You have an amazing sister that's for sure :) and so does she this bloc is so sweet.

leaner said...

I still really want to be one of your sisters. :) awesome list.

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