Jul 22, 2010

How we party....

The fourth of July found us 2 weeks postpartum.  Adjusting to our new life, new family, and our annual adjustment to the oppressive summer heat.  I was toying with the idea of letting this holiday pass us by.  One year is not going to hurt anyone.  Right?  Right.  And yet... I just couldn't.  I love celebration.  I love watching my babies have a party.  So on the third of July we headed to our local big box store, (my first outing as a new mother of 3) and gathered a few supplies for our shindig.  We already had matching holiday t-shirts, thanks to my mother, and really what more do you need?


Rainier cherries, potato stamped placemat art, watermelon popsicles, hamburgers and sweet potato french fries, water balloons, "Arizona approved" fireworks, flags, firework straw art, strawberry blueberry shortcake, luminaries, homemade star soap, festive necklaces...

Its the little things.  The everyday things brought together with a spirit of celebration.  It was a very special day.  Ava surprised us with a parade in our living room.  Her and her brother marched around waving flags.  She even passed out candy that she had been saving from the day before.  Oh that girl.



I love all of these photos. Your baby is ridiculously CUTE!

leaner said...

Ok, every time you post about these parties I am sooo jealous. Seriously.

I am not a partier but I want to be. :)

April said...

Mmm, ranier cherries. I am craving those now. I want to party with you. You're like a hippie Martha Stewart.

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