Jun 15, 2014

Goodnight Sun

Saturday Picnic: Kortet Children's Quarter, and Baker Beach

Father's day weekend Matt said that what he'd really like to do was 'nothing'.  So, we prepared to stay at home.  As the temperatures rose on Saturday he changed his mind.  First we were just going to drive into the city for our favorite Vietnamese sandwiches at Cafe Bunn Mi


Once we picked up our dinner things just kinda evolved in that perfect way you always hope things will just happen.  We decided to take our meal and picnic at a park Matt had starred on his google maps ages ago, but hadn't been to before.  Kortet Children's Quarter did not disappoint.  Lots of play structures for all abilities, a cement slide, trails, huge fields, and beautiful art tucked here and there.  This park was established in 1888 and is thought to be the first children's playground in the US.

After dinner we thought we should head out to watch part of the sunset.  We took a sunset walk on Baker Beach.  We've talked about going there for a while now, but it's always been so busy.  This was the perfect time to visit.  Not very crowded with gorgeous views.  We ended up staying to watch the whole sunset!

Happy Father's Day indeed.

Bubbles and Battles

She's there to make the bubbles.  They are there to slay the bubbles.

Sprinklers in the evening

Sprinklers at sunset.  What better way to end a long hot day?


Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk

In preparation for summer we had a trip to the dollar store.  We stalked up on bubbles, spray bottles,  water guns, and sidewalk chalk.  Now we're ready.





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